K8 Overhead Chain Conveyor
K8 Overhead Chain Conveyor
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K8 Chain Conveyor Specifications:

Track load: 50 kg/m
Max. load per hanger plate: 40 kg*

*depending on hanger plate configuration

The K8 transport system is a motor-driven conveyor, with a chain that moves within a rail system. The caterpillar drive unit engages with the conveyor chain, moving it forward. An (optional) automatic lubrication unit can be installed, to make sure that the joints of the conveyor chain are regularly lubricated during operation.

At fixed intervals, hanger plates that are equipped with product holder “hangers” are installed as per the client’s requirements. It can be used to transport the desired product along the conveyor.

The hangers can be unloaded once the product has completed its route through processes like painting or curing, after which the hangers can be loaded again as desired.